History of the Pisanki egg

I was looking into the history of the Pisanki egg because that term keeps showing up for search terms for our wood eggs ads.  The term is now on the negative keyword list because customers who look for Pisanki eggs generally are not looking for unfinished wood eggs which we sell.

While researching Pisanki eggs, this article by Lamus Dworski was interesting.  Have fun reading it and learn a little about Polish history and culture!  The wide variety of methods to do Pisanki eggs can be used for wooden eggs.  Many different patterns are shown.  The tight knitted pouches was new information to me, for example….

Dyeing Wooden Eggs Tutorial Video

We sell tons of unfinished wood eggs but wondered at how to color/decorate them.  There’s many different ways to do it.

I thought this video was a good one.  It shows how to dye wood eggs and then uses a butcher block conditioner to provide a nice smooth surface (dye can rub off).  Take a look.  I can personally attest to the quality of that particular wood butcher block conditioner shown in the video, I use it for cutting boards myself…

The eggs shown in the video looks to be similar to our standing wood hen egg which has a flat base so it can stand up. Great for decorations but not so great for egg rolls.  These wood eggs are better for egg rolls…  (link at the end is to the White House’s egg roll website)