Dyeing Wooden Eggs Tutorial Video

We sell tons of unfinished wood eggs but wondered at how to color/decorate them.  There’s many different ways to do it.

I thought this video was a good one.  It shows how to dye wood eggs and then uses a butcher block conditioner to provide a nice smooth surface (dye can rub off).  Take a look.  I can personally attest to the quality of that particular wood butcher block conditioner shown in the video, I use it for cutting boards myself…

The eggs shown in the video looks to be similar to our standing wood hen egg which has a flat base so it can stand up. Great for decorations but not so great for egg rolls.  These wood eggs are better for egg rolls…  (link at the end is to the White House’s egg roll website)

Animals for Peg Dolls to ride on

In my ad work, I came across phrases that referred to animals for peg dolls to ride on.  I wondered what this was.  Looked around and found this interesting article.


Take a look.  You can print out templates then trace them out on a nice pine wood board and cut away.  Sand a bit then now you have animals for peg dolls to ride on!  Paint or varnish is optional.  If the animal is large enough, you could add wheels to it!

It’s an interesting alternative to the usual toy cars or trucks for the wood peg dolls.

A new trinket box…

I’m always looking for new combination possibilites and came across this new combination of 3 items for a trinket box.

The new trinket box is… our 2-1/2″ tall wood candlestick holder.  It has a deep 1-1/2″ hole, much deeper than our other candlesticks which usually stops at 1″ deep or so. This makes it useful as a trinket box while other candlesticks has no room.

I noted this depth then looked for something that would work as a lid.  Turns out the 1″ round bean pot candle cup worked very well… if placed upside down into the larger candlestick holder’s hole. It already has a hole in the bottom and a handle was needed.  Our wood tie peg happened to fit this hole perfectly!  So that’s three items you can combine to make a new trinket box!  Glue is the only thing needed plus paint or whatever you like to decorate it.

Here’s a picture of the combination.


The new trinket box!  Three items combines to make this.  The items are: #146, #3002, and #120.  Works very well.

I was surprised on how well that little candle cup worked as a lid.  Other handles are possible but drilling out the small candle cup bottom hole is necessary for these different handles.  I will post pictures of these later in the future.

This would work best with really tiny stuff – less than 7/8″ or so.  Or for spices, salt, etc.   The space is only about 7/8″ x 7/8″, circular.  A 7/8″ wood ball fits in the space perfect with almost no rattling with the lid in place.

Add flower pots to turn wood people peg dolls into pilgrims! Or soldiers…

That’s right… we have mini wood flower pots.  Add these to the top of the wood people peg dolls and you get pilgrims!  Paint the flower pots black.  Or you can paint them in any colors – there are conical helmets in history…  Excellent for soldiers.

Check out the various pictures.  Click or hover the cursor over the pictures to see additional comments which includes the model names of the items.  The wood peg dolls below are either the #20A or #20 wood man peg dolls with various sized flower pots.

Below this are all lady peg dolls with flower pots.  The wood peg dolls used are the #21A large lady peg doll, #21 lady peg doll, #22 lady peg doll, #21B lady peg doll, and the #1002 girl peg doll.

The flower pots can be glued on directly to the heads but if handled lots… would be more durable to drill a small hole in the head then glue in a short dowel, wrap that with cloth, cotton, etc… then glue the flower pot onto that.  All flower pots have a 3/16″ hole in the bottom… perfect for our 3/16″ short dowels.  Some drilling will need to be done (hole size varies slightly on the flower pots).