Spool Ribbon Holder Racks

While searching for ideas on what to do with wooden spools I came across this Etsy seller’s site in Etsy… DesignsbyDuane.  These spool ribbon holders are really nice and simple.  You can buy from DesignsbyDuane (or others – we don’t sell these) if you prefer ready-made with no further work. If you want to make your own custom version, just buy wood dowels, ball dowel caps, and cuphooks from us!  One possible improvement on the design:  Add r-cotter pins or linch pins to the end with no balls to prevent dowels from falling out of the cuphooks from happening.


Mini Flagpole Project

Wondering how to make a mini flagpole for desk use or indoor decorations?

I came across this video by Curtos Noir (The Proper Gents @ youtube).  It’s nice but a bit involved if you don’t want to do woodworking beyond cutting dowels or drilling holes.  The easier way to do this is to get our pine wood plaques or wood discs or this candlestick base as a base and pick your favorite size dowel and top.

If you want a bigger flagpole, get one of our 1″ x 48″ wood dowels and one of these varnished flag pole finial with lanyard holes.  A great easy project for Memorial Day or July the 4th!

Using wood dowels around the house.

We sell tons of wood dowels.  While packing dowels for shipment, I wondered what they were doing with them?  I knew many used dowels for wood toy truck axles and mini flagpoles but what else?  So I searched online and came across the Queen Bee of Honey Dos website and saw this nice article on wood dowels.  Take a look.  I was particularly taken with the ideas in the laundry room because my laundry racks do take up space when not in use…