Animals for Peg Dolls to ride on

In my ad work, I came across phrases that referred to animals for peg dolls to ride on.  I wondered what this was.  Looked around and found this interesting article.

Take a look.  You can print out templates then trace them out on a nice pine wood board and cut away.  Sand a bit then now you have animals for peg dolls to ride on!  Paint or varnish is optional.  If the animal is large enough, you could add wheels to it!

It’s an interesting alternative to the usual toy cars or trucks for the wood peg dolls.

Making dancing doll pins with magnets

While going thru my Google Ad results and looking at keywords used in searches, I came across a phrase that went like this:  “peg doll magnet dyi”.  I had to look online to see what this meant.  Came across this video.  This video uses our wood doll pins but it does work with the wood people pegs, particularly the smaller ones.  I just tested our magnets on top of a 3/4″ thick wood shelf.  Works surprisingly well, especially if the magnets are doubled at the bottom (below the shelf or table).





A new Christmas Tree Turning


We just added a new wooden Christmas tree turning to the website.  Take a look.  It’s sized right in between our other two wooden Christmas tree turnings – 2″ tall.

This one was sent to us by accident.  It was wrong sized, supposed to be our largest  2-3/4″ tall version.  But we liked it so are selling it online now.

The full line up of wooden Christmas tree turnings are at here.


A new Halloween feature up today.

P9120003We just updated the main page with a new Halloween feature.  Witches, ghosts, bats, pumpkins, leaves, and more!  Pirates are popular during Halloween so we added a pirate themed subcategory.

Most of these items are cutouts.  This means that if you drill a tiny hole, you can add a string and hang them on your Christmas tree!

Below, a picture of the pirate themed cutouts we offer.  Includes mermaids, alligators, whales and Captain Hook’s hook.