A new category added today…

We have added a new category to the website today:  Pine Wood Car & Truck Bodies.  All car or truck bodies are milled from 3/4″ clear pine wood.  They all have 7/32″ holes, perfect for our axle pegs that’s for wheels with 1/4″ holes.

If you order them now, you should expect a slight delay of about 1 week because all are made to order, not kept in stock.

Pick out the one you like best then choose your favorite wood wheel with a 1/4″ hole.  Select the axle peg based on the wheel you chose.

Have fun!

Another garden marker idea…

While perusing Instagram, I came across this picture by brookesedwards.  She used what looks to be a jumbo wood craft stick.  It’s not as robust as the wood garden row marker I mentioned in an earlier blog post but will do the job at a lower price.  It’s up to you which one you prefer.

The jumbo wood craft stick is regularly stocked so you never have to worry about us stopping selling them.  The wood garden row marker, however, when it’s gone, it’s truly gone!  It’s not a regular stocked item because it is a random item from second quality bulk wood we buy from wood mills – rejects, basically.   Most were of good second quality, some are sold as firewood to locals in Wiscasset, Maine.