A new trinket box…

I’m always looking for new combination possibilites and came across this new combination of 3 items for a trinket box.

The new trinket box is… our 2-1/2″ tall wood candlestick holder.  It has a deep 1-1/2″ hole, much deeper than our other candlesticks which usually stops at 1″ deep or so. This makes it useful as a trinket box while other candlesticks has no room.

I noted this depth then looked for something that would work as a lid.  Turns out the 1″ round bean pot candle cup worked very well… if placed upside down into the larger candlestick holder’s hole. It already has a hole in the bottom and a handle was needed.  Our wood tie peg happened to fit this hole perfectly!  So that’s three items you can combine to make a new trinket box!  Glue is the only thing needed plus paint or whatever you like to decorate it.

Here’s a picture of the combination.


The new trinket box!  Three items combines to make this.  The items are: #146, #3002, and #120.  Works very well.

I was surprised on how well that little candle cup worked as a lid.  Other handles are possible but drilling out the small candle cup bottom hole is necessary for these different handles.  I will post pictures of these later in the future.

This would work best with really tiny stuff – less than 7/8″ or so.  Or for spices, salt, etc.   The space is only about 7/8″ x 7/8″, circular.  A 7/8″ wood ball fits in the space perfect with almost no rattling with the lid in place.

Another garden marker idea…

While perusing Instagram, I came across this picture by brookesedwards.  She used what looks to be a jumbo wood craft stick.  It’s not as robust as the wood garden row marker I mentioned in an earlier blog post but will do the job at a lower price.  It’s up to you which one you prefer.

The jumbo wood craft stick is regularly stocked so you never have to worry about us stopping selling them.  The wood garden row marker, however, when it’s gone, it’s truly gone!  It’s not a regular stocked item because it is a random item from second quality bulk wood we buy from wood mills – rejects, basically.   Most were of good second quality, some are sold as firewood to locals in Wiscasset, Maine.


Using wood ball beads to hide electric cables…

Came across this in Instagram and thought it was interesting.  It is by diyabstract or jennyshusochhem (possibly orginal poster) in Instagram.

The wood ball beads in the picture are either unfinished or has a clear varnish on it.  You could paint these ball beads in different colors if you want…