Candle cups as hats for the large wood man peg doll…

Turns out that many of our wood candle cups will work as hats for our wood people peg dolls!

This post concerns only one wood people peg doll – the Large Man Peg Doll Body.  This is to keep the post shorter because there are lots of combinations…

My favorite combination:  The large man peg doll body and either the #7C or #7 wood bean pot candle cup as a hat.  It looks like a Beefeater with a bearskin hat to me!  Well, not exactly but close enough.  It also looks kinda like a Nutcracker soldier, too…

20A with a 7 candle cup as hat 1
#20A wood man peg doll with a #7 candle cup. Looks kinda like a Beefeater with a bearskin hat. Or a Nutcracker. Up to your imagination!

It’s possible you will need drill a 3/16″ hole into the head then glue a short piece of dowel into the hole… then wrap that dowel with something like paper or cotton balls or anything, really… then press down the candle cup down (large hole down).  Glue both together.  I’m not sure if glue alone is strong enough unless it’s purely a display piece.  I may do a project with these items in the future for fun.  I will post the results!

The other candle cups are not as impressive but I’ll show them to you so you can see what they look like.  Click on or hover cursor over each picture to read the comments – specific model numbers for each.  Yeah, some of the candle cups are wayyy too small but showing them anyway.   The one with the #1059 candle cup is a good one – similar to the Beefeater one but smaller candle cup.

Now for the last one… I used the wood tulip candle cup for this one.  Another variation on the Beefeater theme!  Or a soldier… Up to you.

#20A wood man peg doll with #132 wood tulip candle cup as a hat.

I will be posting more like this for each wood doll peg style.  Keep an eye out for these later posts which may include actual drilling and gluing.


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