Halos for Wood People Pegs…

After finding out that a certain wood bead wheel fit a certain people peg doll very well, I wondered what else fits?

Many other items as I found out.  For this post, I will start with the wood rings.  We have a 1-1/2″ wood ring and it works well as a halo for our 3-1/2″ wood angel peg doll, 3-9/16″ wood man peg doll, and the 2-3/8″ wood man peg doll.  See the pictures – one wood ring (halo) is shown in the front and one is on the head so you can see how it looks.



The 3-1/2″ wood angel peg doll and 3-9/16″ wood man peg doll works well with the larger 1-3/4″ wood ring as a halo.  See the pictures below.


Now you know which wood rings to use if you want to decorate our wood people peg dolls!  You will need to use glue to keep the halos on.

More posts like this will be coming – with some surprising items.  Turns out there’s lots of accessories for the wood people pegs.  Much more than I imagined at first.

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