Wood Disc Magnets using Scrapbook Paper by Leanne

Got some scrapbook paper sitting around unused?  Then get them on wood discs and make lovely magnets for your fridge!

You can paint or draw or even do wood burning (requires special tool) on the wood discs if you don’t want to use scrapbook paper.  I personally have some old wallpaper on rolls that I might try adding to wood discs for fun.

This how to guide is made by Leanne at organizeyourstuffnow.com.  Have fun looking thru it!

Some additional pictures by Leanne below:


Bead Wheel for the base of certain people peg dolls…

We have a new main page feature up and running.  By playing around in the warehouse, I made a discovery… this bead wheel will fit this angel peg doll very well!  It will also fit this other angel peg doll but not that well ( too tight and not really deep into the bead wheel).  If you want a huge head, this 1-1/4″ wood dowel cap will work well.  All 4 items are in the picture above this post… Have fun!

Make a lamp with blue tape & dowels

Came across this interesting article by Jaime Derringer at design milk on making lamps with blue painter’s tape and wood dowels.  It looks fun and easy to do, especially during a boring rainy day.  If your first one doesn’t work, just rip off the tape and try again!

I might give this a try because I personally own tons of blue painter’s tape for my boat painting projects.  I also have lots of the same type tape in both yellow and green colors.  You only need a saw and the saw you see in the article is a Japanese style pull saw which cuts only on the pull direction.  It cuts better and nicer than traditional western style saws.  More precise.  I have one.  Highly recommended for woodworking, even for little projects.



Miniature Wood Lobster Buoys

One item that we at Casey’s specialize in is… miniature wood lobster buoys!  They are a popular seller, particularly during summers.  Most customers get this particular miniature wood lobster buoy and add an eye screw to the bottom for strings or hooks.  There are many other miniature wood lobster buoys that’s nice – the full line up is here.  If you’re more interested in lighthouses or lobster cutouts or the like, we have a page devoted only to these items.

Lobster buoys were already mostly hard foam with plastic or wooden handles when I was a little boy during the 1980s but there were still a few of this style lobster buoys around.  To learn more about lobster buoys, check this nice article by LobsterAnywhere (a company that ships live lobsters!).