New Additions: Parcheesi in different colors.

To fill an order, wood mills will make too much of an item on purpose to account for the inevitable defective parts. Wood isn’t precise or consistent like metal parts. This excess that turns out to be good is called “overruns”. Many customers, including us, will take the overruns but many don’t.

We buy overruns from the wood mills time to time so that’s how we have these painted wood Parcheesi game pieces available for sale. Quantities are limited because we do not normally carry these Parcheesi game pieces in colors – we usually only sell the unfinished version. Take a look and see if your favorite color is available.

How to make your own story dice…

Story dice or cubes are a way to help you create stories at random.  Roll a dice and whatever comes up you make up a story with that – either storytelling or written stories.  As an aside, I always carry a quarter coin with me… So that when I have trouble deciding I toss the quarter and let heads or tails decide for me.  Let randomness decide for you!  It works very well.  Story dice is just the same but with more sides than a coin.

There’s many different methods of making story dice and I thought this article by stitch/craft was the best one.  It happens to be pretty old, almost 10 years old according to the article’s date.  An oldie but goodie.