Add flower pots to turn wood people peg dolls into pilgrims! Or soldiers…

That’s right… we have mini wood flower pots.  Add these to the top of the wood people peg dolls and you get pilgrims!  Paint the flower pots black.  Or you can paint them in any colors – there are conical helmets in history…  Excellent for soldiers.

Check out the various pictures.  Click or hover the cursor over the pictures to see additional comments which includes the model names of the items.  The wood peg dolls below are either the #20A or #20 wood man peg dolls with various sized flower pots.

Below this are all lady peg dolls with flower pots.  The wood peg dolls used are the #21A large lady peg doll, #21 lady peg doll, #22 lady peg doll, #21B lady peg doll, and the #1002 girl peg doll.

The flower pots can be glued on directly to the heads but if handled lots… would be more durable to drill a small hole in the head then glue in a short dowel, wrap that with cloth, cotton, etc… then glue the flower pot onto that.  All flower pots have a 3/16″ hole in the bottom… perfect for our 3/16″ short dowels.  Some drilling will need to be done (hole size varies slightly on the flower pots).

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