How to paint your peg dolls by Spunneys

Here’s a good article by Spunnys in France on how to paint peg dolls.  Interestingly, Spunnys sells spun cotton people pegs.  The painting process are the same for wood people pegs.  It’s important to spend more on better paints.  Also, don’t forget that if your painted peg doll turns out badly… just repaint the whole thing one solid color then start all over again! Practice makes perfect.

Wood Disc Magnets using Scrapbook Paper by Leanne

Got some scrapbook paper sitting around unused?  Then get them on wood discs and make lovely magnets for your fridge!

You can paint or draw or even do wood burning (requires special tool) on the wood discs if you don’t want to use scrapbook paper.  I personally have some old wallpaper on rolls that I might try adding to wood discs for fun.

This how to guide is made by Leanne at  Have fun looking thru it!

Some additional pictures by Leanne below:


How to transfer inkjet images to wood…

This is a good add on post for the story dice project posted earlier.  It is how to transfer inkjet images to wood.  I was surprised that this would work… You have to apply glue to the paper then print images on that glued side of the paper!  The glue has to be dry, of course…  It goes on a bit more…  Full description of this process by matsutake.  Have fun!

How to make a candle holder with clothespins.

Here’s a how to guide to make a candle holder with clothespins.  It’s by Camilla Fabbri at Family Chic.   You may note that the article opens with pictures of planters but ended with candle holders… I personally like the candle holder idea better but that’s just me.  You’ll need a tuna can or the like to start the process with clothespins.