A random sample of wood combs for sale.

Ordering something from us and want to add something unusual to your order for only 59 cents each? (price lowered from 69 cents)

If yes, then add a few of these random sized wood combs to your order

Some history about these wood combs… We don’t normally sell wood combs.  These random sized wood combs came in the final shipment from a supplier that has closed down because the owner has retired.  As of writing we have about 100 in stock and they’re in all sizes from 3″ wide to 8″ wide.  Many are coarse teeth while some have finer teeth.  The supply is too small, too random sized and too low priced for us to sell exact wood combs hence “random”.

You can mention in the comments box during the checkout process that you prefer larger or smaller or finer or coarse teeth. But please don’t be too picky because after all, they are very random sized.


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